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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

president of KIOST, Kang, Do-hyung

“KIOST shares its ocean science and technology, reaching out across the oceans to the rest of the world”

The Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) is a leading global marine research institution that seeks out and explores new knowledge on the oceans based on its creativity and frontier spirit. It is also Korea’s only comprehensive research and education institution in the area of ocean science and technology.

Established in October 1973, KIOST has led the remarkable growth of Korea’s marine science and technology through various research activities over the past 50 years, invigorating the national marine sector and exploring new horizons.

These outstanding achievements would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of KIOST’s ocean scientists, who have endured many sleepless nights and numerous difficulties in service of the nation and its people.

KIOST researchers have made outstanding achievements at the forefront of ocean science and technology in high-potential areas, such as ocean resource exploration in the waters off the coast of the Korean Peninsula and other oceans and research on marine biology and climate change solutions, responses to marine environment changes, new marine industries using ocean energy, underwater robots and ICT technology, and sea power for disaster prediction and territorial integrity.

Outstanding global issues such as the climate change crisis and environmental pollution call for our ocean scientists to find new solutions for ensuring sustainability and securing a stable future for humankind, and to perform missions for people’s safety and maritime security.

KIOST encourages the development of “super-gap” technology in each sector through its leadership in ocean science and technology and conducts large convergence research projects with the aim of ensuring people’s safety and happiness, serving as a model of innovation. Toward this end, KIOST will contribute to achieving “clean and safe seas” that promote people’s happiness and wellbeing.

While following in our proud tradition, we at KIOST will respond with boldness in an age of multiple challenges and rapid change where crisis can strike at any time.

Going forward, KIOST will remain a most-trusted institution by leading the development of ocean science and technology and creating economic and social value.

We look forward to your continued support as KIOST tackles new challenges in the years ahead.

Thank you.


11th President, Kang, Do-hyung
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology


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Last Update : 2023-04-07